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Water Damage Classification in McKinney, TX

Water damage to your house or business is a serious issue. Depending on the severity of the water damage, specific actions are required. In this regard, you need to understand in which situation you need to call the restoration companies that specialize in water damage restoration near you.

Dalworth Restoration McKinney has been serving the Greater McKinney area since 1976 as a water damage restoration service provider. When you experience a water damage issue in your space, reach out to us. We are always ready with our advanced techniques and tools to serve you.

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The Classifications of Water Damage

Depending on the variation in the severity of water damage, this can be classified into four types. The more water damage there is, the higher the class. Let’s explore them:

Class 1 (Minor): Water affects a small part of the room or area. Water evaporation and absorption are negligible. This may include materials such as plywood, concrete, and particle board. The restoration is not too difficult and sometimes does not need any professional restoration company to solve it.

Class 2 (Moderate): Water affects the entire space, including structural materials. Huge amounts of water evaporation and absorption occur. Wood-grained material, furniture, flooring, and carpets may be moderately wet. This may need more involved drying and restoration procedures.

Class 3 (Major): The majority of the house or office suffers from significant water loss and absorption. Damaged pipes or water from ceilings, walls, or insulation can cause the entire house to be underwater. If you take time to call the professionals, chances are mold can grow.

Class 4 (Severe): This classification can have devastating consequences for your property, affect the structure, and cause flooding inside. In this case of severe water damage, you must call for professionals to restore your damaged property.

Why is it Important to Know Water Damage Classification?

Knowing the water classification helps Dalworth Restoration McKinney determine the following:

  • To know the level of personal protective equipment (PPE) needed for technicians
  • To determine the most appropriate cleaning and required disinfection methods
  • To plan the most effective drying techniques, ensuring complete removal of moisture

Contact Dalworth Restoration McKinney for Water Damage Restoration

The water damage restoration process involves a multi-faceted approach. At Dalworth Restoration McKinney, our main priority is making sure that our client’s properties are back to normal as quickly as possible. Based on the classification of water damage, our IICRC-certified experts are always ready to help you in McKinney, Westminster, Parker, Era, and many other areas.

Besides water damage restoration, we also offer flood damage, water pipe break, appliance leak cleanup, structural damage, and many other restoration services. Let our experts help you ensure a safe and healthy environment.

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