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Water Damage Categorization in McKinney, TX

Water damage to your home or office is a serious issue and can happen unexpectedly at any time. Depending on the category of the water damage, specific actions are required. You need to understand in which situation you need to call the restoration companies that specialize in water damage restoration near you.

Dalworth Restoration McKinney has been serving the Greater McKinney area since 1976 as a water damage restoration service provider. When you experience a water damage issue in your space, reach out to us. We are equipped with advanced tools to help you at this challenging time.

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The Categories of Water Damage

Determining the necessary steps to begin restoration after water damage and evaluating the extent of the consequences. There are three categories of water damage:

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Category 1 (Clean or Sanitary Water)

This category is made of liquid from a clean and sanitary source. While this water may start to be seen as clean, it can turn into category 2 rather quickly if not dealt with immediately. The restoration process concentrates on rapidly drying the afflicted area to stop the formation of mold, even if the water is usually safe to handle.

Category 1 sources include:

  • Faucets
  • Water fountains
  • Toilet Tanks
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Category 2 (Gray Water)

: Due to the high concentration of toxins in gray water, it may be dangerous to drink or come into contact with the skin. There are microorganisms in this kind of water. Restoration requires drying and cleanliness in this category.

Category 2 sources include:

  • Washing Machine Overflows
  • Leaking Dishwashers
  • Flush from Sink Drains
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Category 3 (Black Water)

Black water, the worst kind, is extremely unhygienic and loaded with toxic substances and harmful bacteria. It may include heavy metals, organic materials, human feces, toxic compounds, and more.

Category 3 sources include:

  • Sewer Backup
  • Standing Liquid that contains Bacterial Growth
  • Flooding from Rivers or Streams
  • Toilet Overflows that contain Feces
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Why Choose Dalworth Restoration McKinney?

  • Availability for 24/7
  • More than half a century of experience¬†
  • Affiliations with Chubb, Travelers, and Chartis
  • Membership with Restoration Renegades
  • IICRC-certified Technicians

Contact Dalworth Restoration McKinney for Water Damage Restoration

The water damage restoration process involves a multi-faceted approach. At Dalworth Restoration McKinney, our IICRC-certified experts are always ready to help you in McKinney, Westminster, Parker, Era, and many other areas.

Besides water damage restoration, we also offer flood damage, water pipe break, appliance leak cleanup, structural damage, and many other restoration services. Let our experts help you ensure a safe and healthy environment.

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